Sixth Form Context 2021-22

Information for university and college admissions teams

There are currently 19 students enrolled in Sixth Form, studying for A Level qualifications, BTEC Diplomas or a combination of the two. Students study three A Level or A Level equivalent qualifications. The Sixth Form opened in September 2019 with most of our students aiming to go to university in the UK, Europe or North America.
In response to COVID-19, the school closed, following the Moroccan government's guidelines, on 13th March 2020. Our students did not return to on-campus learning until 5th October 2020. This led to disruption to the students’ learning during Years 10 and 11. While the school year of 2020-21 did not see any major disruption to whole school learning with no full closures, some international students were unable to return from their home countries to Morocco until well into the academic year. At an individual level, some students experienced both periods of personal illness and of self-isolation following close contact with others who were suffering from COVID-19. The start of the academic year for 2021-22 was delayed for five weeks following Moroccan government directives an no online learning was permitted.

Some students also found it difficult to maintain their English language skills without the immersion in the language that they experienced in school. All of these factors have the potential to affect students’ achievements.

In school, education was also shaped, to some degree, by restrictions on interactions between students both within the classroom, the wider school and the community. In the classroom, groupwork and giving of presentations was very restricted due to social distancing regulations and the wearing of masks which has reduced peer-to-peer learning. It has also not been possible to organise work experience or explore links with local organisations and businesses because of restrictions in place throughout the country.

Students were presented for Cambridge International IGCSE and AS Level qualifications in April/May 2020. In April/May 2021 students were presented for Cambridge International IGCSE and AS Level exams as well as Pearson GCSE and Pearson A Level qualification.