Excellence Support Centre

We understand that choosing a major and thinking about a future career can be exciting and scary at the same time. The mission of our Success Support Centre is to provide support and guidance for BISC students. As you experience transitions during your academic journey, we would love to offer our support.

Some of the services offered to our students include:

  • Access to subject options (IGCSE, AS and A level)/career coaching, information, assessments, and resources
  • Academic coaching (goal setting, time management, study strategies, etc.)
  • Academic checkpoints throughout the semester
  • Referrals to academic departments and on campus resources


Past results do not define who you are, and past grades are not necessarily a sign of a lack of intelligence or ability. College achievement involves much more than content knowledge. Time management, learning strategies, testing techniques, critical thinking, and other vital components all play important roles; and students must first learn how to use the tools they need before they can be expected to use them. Academic coaching provides the training ground for the development of these skills with a strong emphasis on growth mindset.

As with any support service, improvement becomes evident when students carry out the plans discussed during the coaching sessions. Simply attending coaching sessions and talking about helpful changes won't be enough. Academic coaching seeks not to solve problems for students, but to provide support and guidance for students to develop the problem solving, resource gathering, and critical thinking skills they need to reach their goals.


Selecting your career is a life-long process. Your major selection may direct your initial focus, but careers tend to branch out in new (sometimes unexpected) ways through one’s experiences and changing interests, an evolving job market, and networking. Career Exploration Coaches are here not to dictate direction, but to enhance student empowerment toward informed self-direction.

"Informed self-direction" may take the form of personality, interests, values, and skills assessments, but these assessments are not definitive person-to-occupation match generators. They are simply tools to stimulate learning and self-knowledge. When defining goals, students sometimes forget to consider what they are willing to do (or can feasibly manage) to reach them and to work there successfully (i.e., rigor of coursework, licensing requirements, general commitments of working in that profession, etc.). Knowing your own stamina, tolerance, preferences, and limits is part of your self-informed equation.


The Academic Support Programme is conducted by the school to provide:

  1. Additional academic support for students to improve in their learning in their weaker subjects;
  2. A platform for students to consult with their teachers to improve in their learning;
  3. A platform for the students to participate in enrichment learning opportunities.