Swimming competition at BISC

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

THE BRITISH INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF CASABLANCA BISC organized its 1st international swimming meeting.
For the first time in Moroccan history, a school team is organizing a swimming competition with the participation of national high level clubs. Indeed, 5 Clubs affiliated to the Moroccan Royal Swimming Federation have given the chance to school sport to shine masterfully. This event was held at the British International School of Casablanca.
The following five national clubs participated:
  1. CNCS
  2. KAC
  3. RAJA / NAT
  4. CST
  5. WAC
A 25-meter sprint, breaststroke, back and relay (4x25 meters) sprint day was a great success for students of all age groups. The British International School of Casablanca trained among its students groups of children aged 4 to 12 at the elite level. These students train 5 times a week at a high pace to reach the professional level. This approach is also part of the school's pedagogy, where art, sports, music and drama are an integral part of the academic program. This rigorous training, which also reflects the academic rigor of the institution, has resulted in the systematic presence on the podium of BISC students in each race.

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