EHL Workshop's

Monday, February 6, 2023

The British International School of Casablanca had the privilege of hosting a workshop about "The Best Practices for a successful University Interview" led by the esteemed Mr. Arnaud Jonquet from EHL SCHOOL (ECOLE HÔTELIÈRE DE LAUSANNE - SWITZERLAND).

The workshop was focused on providing secondary students with an in-depth understanding of best practices for a successful university interview. This was a unique opportunity for students to acquire valuable knowledge and skills that would help them make the most favorable impression during their university interviews.

Mr. Jonquet, with his extensive expertise and experience in the field, shared valuable insights on how to prepare for a university interview. He discussed the common questions that are typically asked during an interview and provided students with effective techniques for answering them. The students were highly attentive as Mr. Jonquet went into detail about how to showcase their strengths and abilities, highlighting the importance of being confident, knowledgeable and well-prepared.

In addition to offering tips on how to answer questions, he also shared his knowledge on how to make a lasting impression on the interviewer. He stressed the importance of dressing appropriately, being polite and courteous, and showing genuine interest in the university and the program. The students were given practical advice on how to research the university, the program, and the industry, and how to express their enthusiasm for the subject matter.

Overall, the workshop was a resounding success, and the students left with a greater understanding of what it takes to be successful during a university interview. Mr. Jonquet's invaluable advice and guidance will no doubt serve as a valuable resource for the students as they navigate the complex and competitive world of university admissions. The British International School of Casablanca is grateful for the opportunity to host such a dynamic and informative workshop and is committed to providing its students with the tools and resources they need to succeed in their future endeavors.

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