Our scholarships Programme

Scholarships at BISC provides an opportunity to recognise student potential and achievement. Scholars benefit from a personalised programme of support that aims to develop each students’ particular talent throughout their time at the school. As part of their programme, students will engage fully in the life of the school. Students demonstrate time and time again their thirst for knowledge and the scholarship programme facilitates this by identifying a wide range of opportunities for supported and independent personal growth and by providing guidance to allow students to make the best choices for them.

Scholarships programmes are built as follow:

BISC Scholarships:

This is a programme that recognises BISC students’ talents in Academic, Art, Music, Sport. The awards granted will vary from 10% to 90% fee remission, depending on the student’s level.

Henry Smith Scholarships:

The Henry Smith Scholarships at BISC provide an opportunity to recognise student potential and achievement. It is an academic scholarship programme awarded to those students entering Sixth Form who have proven academic ability and a desire to attend a British University.

Assessments for eligibility of scholarships:

These scholarships recognise students within the current student body and those from outside. Furthermore, they may provide an opportunity to make available a great education to those who otherwise can’t afford it, if they meet the scholarships requirements/framework.

Scholars would be awarded the following: :

  • Interviews by Senior Management, Academic specialist, Pastoral team
  • References from the current school
  • Portfolio of student work – students would be given the opportunity to talk through their work at interview
  • English language assessment
  • Diagnostic assessment evaluating the academic potential of the candidate
  • * other requirements will be soon posted

All scholars would be expected to be part of the student leadership team: leading assemblies, talking with VIPS and taking a full part in school events. They would be recognised through a variation in school uniform. The scholarship programmes are an investment in the potential of the child; they are a programme of support and development.


  • April to Mid May 2020 | The School communicates on the scholarships and gathers all the applications from the parents and students.
  • May 2020 | Scholarship Tests and Interviews.
  • June 2020 | Scholarship Awards.
Potential Academic Scholarship Map – The Scholar’s Society Sections Opportunities
Lower School (years 6 – 9)

Weekly Junior Scholar’s Club – weekly seminars run on an exciting range of topics that introduce scholars to academically enriching ideas beyond the curriculum.

The Junior Scholar’s Essay Competition – an annual competition for Lower School students to write a 1000 word essay on a question of universal academic value and importance.

Upper School (years 10 & 11)

The Academic Award – scholars are invited to participate in conducting a piece of extended research and writing on a topic of academic relevance of their choice. The Award will be run through the Electives Programme and there will be a taught module introducing scholars to independent research, writing and presentation skills.

Sixth Form (years 12 & 13)

Scholar’s Tutorials – scholars are invited to participate in regular tutorials on hosted by departments that challenge scholars to think and discuss topics beyond the A-Level curriculum.

External competitions – scholars are invited to attend and submit entries to a wide range.