Download the file here: School Fees 2019-2020

Our corporate fees are available upon request. Please contact Admissions at 0520500200.

Frequently asked questions about payments

What are the payment options?

Parents can either pay on a termly plan or an annual plan (see below). For companies who pay fees for their employees, the same payment terms apply.

When do I need to pay?

The payment dates below apply to both new and returning children.

1st trimester
2nd trimester
3rd trimester
2nd week of September
1st week of December
1st week of March

For all other invoicing (for instance school bus, canteen, uniform, extra clubs, trips) a due date of 7 days after invoice date applies.

What payment options are there?

School Fees should be paid termly or annually according to the schedule above. Any deviation from this will lead to a penalty of 2% will be imposed for delay in payment. is applicable on the first month and the student will be denied access to the class on the 2nd month.

Can someone else pay the fee invoice for me?

By default, we expect payment from the person or company that the invoice was sent to. Payment by someone else requires the invoice to be adjusted. You can request future invoices to be sent to a different address. Please send an email to [email protected] with your request or call the Admissions Department (+212 520 500 200). A request to adjust invoices that have already been sent is possible.

Can I pay by credit card?

The School does offer payment by cash, credit card, bank transfer or a bank cheque.

Can I pay online?

At present the School does not offer an online payment system.

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