Staff Duty Policy


The purpose of this policy is to ensure the safety of all the children at BISC before school, during break and lunch time, and in the time between the end of classes and the departure of all children from the school.


Children’s safety at BISC is one of our top priorities. In order to provide children with a safe recreational environment, the following policy sets out a code of conduct for teachers to follow.

Teachers and Teaching Assistants are expected to comply with the following:
  • To acknowledge the duty timetable and to be aware of the days and times of duties.
  • To arrive at duty on time.
  • To be vigilant at all times throughout one’s duty. Indulging in social conversation with colleagues must be reserved for non-duty times.
  • Duty staff should not be using their mobile phones during their allocated duties.
  • To arrange, well in advance, cover with a colleague if you are unable to carry out your designated duty and to inform the person responsible for duty cover of the arrangement (GJ)
  • Not to remain static but to move around the playground, thus indicating to the children that a member of staff is available if needed.
  • To combat bad behaviour immediately. To reward positive behaviour and implement necessary sanctions in accordance with the behaviour for learning policy.
  • To be alert to potential signs of bullying and to report incidents or concerns to either the Head of the Primary School or the Deputy Head of the Primary School or in the case of the Secondary School to the head of the Secondary School.
  • To ensure students move quickly to their lessons/registration at the end of the break period.
  • To offer children house points for good behaviour or for helping the teacher on duty.
  • To report any accidents to the school nurse immediately who will record the incident/accident in the accident log book.
  • To report any good news stories as well as poor behaviour to the class/form teacher of the student or students concerned after duty.

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