Community Learning Manifesto

BISC Learners will be encouraged to

Show​ ​thoughtfulness​ when reflecting on their learning and develop their skills in assessing their own and other’s work.
Develop ​adaptability ​and ​resilience by​ taking risks and making mistakes, asking questions that clarify or move their learning forwards.
Develop​ ​cooperation, communication ​and​ respect​ ​by collaborating with their peers at some stage in the lesson and being respectful of each other’s ideas and opinions.
Take ​responsibility ​for their own learning: Have a clear understanding of what they are learning or skills they are developing and how to proceed in the lesson; accessing the resources they need.
Learn in context and ​enquire, think creatively ​and​ innovatively​.​ ​Make connections with prior knowledge.
All be ​making progress​; developing a skill and/or gaining new knowledge by engaging in a variety of activities appropriate to them.

BISC Teachers will

provide appropriate opportunity for reflection - Dedicated Improvement and Reflection Time (DIRT)

  • provide feedback on work
  • provide clear success criteria
  • provide contextualised problem based learning
  • have assessed where the child is and planned appropriate activities to extend learning
  • create opportunities for supported failure
  • take calculated risks themselves, sometimes making mistakes, acknowledging them and learning from them
  • provide time for children to talk ensuring there is more learner talk than teacher talk
  • plan for opportunities for partner or group work
  • incorporate targeted questioning and discussion techniques
  • give opportunities for performance, presentations, active listening etc. and help learners build these skills
  • key questions / learning objectives shared with children
  • use visual aids to support their teaching
  • clear concise instructions / explanations
  • timely and meaningful feedback given to children
  • have a good understanding of the resources children may need to access to support their learning and have them readily available
  • make relevant links to previous learning or current topics
    have strong knowledge of their subject or area of teaching and share a passion that inspires children and young people
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