Attendance Policy


The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all students, parents, and teachers are aware of the times and procedures relating to school attendance.


The school week runs Monday to Friday, with the day starting at 8.00 am for all students in the Primary and Secondary Schools and at 9.00 am for children in EYFS. Formal lessons finish at 3.30 Monday to Thursday with an extras programme running until 4.30 pm. For EYFS lessons finish at 3.00 pm. On Friday school finishes at 3.00 pm. Absences from lessons should only occur for medical reasons or a family emergency, or when the school has been given prior notice in writing with good cause. All other absences will be entered into the register as an unauthorized absence.

School Schedule

Students are allowed in the school grounds from 7.45 am onward, when there is a teacher on duty on the playground. In the Primary School school begins with the formal line up followed by registration in class. In the secondary school students will go to their form rooms for registration with their tutors.

AM and PM Registration – Primary School

In the Primary School registration time is between 8.00-8.05 am.

AM and PM Registration – Secondary School

In the Secondary School registration time will take place from 8.00-8.05 and in the first lesson after lunch. All students are expected to be in lessons at the start of the lesson in time for lesson registration.
In both the Primary and Secondary Schools, students not present at the registration time are marked absent in the register.

Arriving to School Late

Students who arrive late after the 8:00 am line up and morning registration will be recorded in the registers as a late with an `L`, or ‘0’ if they do not arrive at all. Students who arrive after morning registration are required to go to the reception desk to sign in, where they will be issued with a late slip. This slip should be given to the class teacher.
  Y7-10 Secondary students who arrive after morning registration are required to go to the reception desk to sign in, where they will be issued with a late slip. This slip should be given to the class teacher on arrival at their lesson; acceptance into the lesson is conditional on this.

Regular Lateness

If a student develops a pattern of lateness parents will be contacted to discuss a solution or subsequent action. It is very likely that regular lateness will result in a sanction being applied in accordance with the school’s Behaviour for Learning Policy. The sanction may include loss of house points or an after school reflection period during the co-curricular programme.

Absence from School

If students are absent from school, they must bring a letter written by their parents or parents must make a phone call to the Office to explain the reason for the period of absence.
Two consecutive unexplained absences will be followed up by the Office with a phone call home.
If parents wish for their child to be absent from school for a period of time, then they must ask the school for permission, either the Head of the School or the Executive Director.
The class teacher or the Form Tutor has the responsibility of keeping a track of the daily register of attendance. Any concerns should be shared with the Key Stage Head initially who will decide on an appropriate course of action. It is important that parents should be kept informed as to their children’s attendance and punctuality.

Waiting List and Late Entry for External Examinations

Students with poor attendance (below 85%) and a poor academic record (low scores in internal assessment) will not be entered for external exams in the first stage of exam entries, being February of every academic year. In such cases, parents will be informed by letter, stating the reasons why the respective student will not be entered, with a solution offered by the school. The student will be placed on a waiting list and if by the final deadline of entries (April of every academic year) the student proves 100% attendance and improvement of academic performance, which could lead to real opportunity of passing the exam, the student will be entered paying the relevant late entry fee. Parents will be informed of the fact that late entry applies.

Attendance on Educational Visits

At BISC we strongly believe that in addition to academic performance, students benefit from a holistic education intended to help them become good citizens able to succeed in life after school. For this reason we encourage all our students to participate in extracurricular activities. However, academic performance must take priority, and where school attendance is below 85% and/or academic performance is poor or below expectations, the school reserves the right not to allow students to attend Educational Visits.

School Egress

At the end of the day in the Primary School it is the responsibility of the class teacher or the teacher in charge of an afternoon activity to ensure the children go with one of the designated Recipients. The school has a record of those authorised to collect Primary School children and children must never be allowed to go without anyone without prior written authority. Parents and other Recipients may gather on the playground in preparation for meeting their children and may then enter the school after the students have left the building if they wish to see a teacher.
Private cars are not allowed on the school grounds during school hours. School buses are permitted to enter the camps at selected times to drop off and pick up students. Special care should be taken by staff (teaching and ancillary) on duty to ensure that students are kept away from school buses.
In the Secondary School the students who are not travelling on school buses or are not collected by parents must have permission from parents to leave school by themselves. There must be a list with the name of these students in the office and available for the teachers on duty.

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