Why Choose Us?

British International School Casablanca offers a unique and carefully tailored program to suit the needs of our students in Morocco, fully complying with our Mission Statement and Values, thus enabling us to truly prepare the leaders of tomorrow to successfully enter a global society. Our school is one of its kind, fully complying with Moroccan and Cambridge requirements to be able to offer an exclusive program.

As we are in our infancy, BISC is conforming with all the requirements of the Council of British International Schools (COBIS), British Schools Overseas (BSO) and Cambridge and will undertake regular inspections to ensure the highest standards are met in our school. Our staff is hired on a basis of quality and internationally recognised excellence, with a Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) as a minimum requirement of qualification.

As our program is uniquely designed, offering Moroccan and Cambridge curricula combined, our students have the opportunity to leave us with fantastic qualifications. This ensures that our students are mastering three languages and well equipped to study in a country of their choice and be able to successfully continue with higher education. Furthermore, the International Baccalaureate program is internationally recognised among the world’s top universities, often resulting in advanced standing, course credit, scholarships, and other admissions benefits at many universities.

The infrastructure at British International School Casablanca provides a premium learning experience, which enables our pupils to blossom during their time with us.

Whilst there are many academic reasons why you should choose BISC, there are many other reasons why we are the natural choice for your child:

At BISC we pride ourselves in the holistic approach to education. So, while the activities in the classroom are vital it is also the case that for many pupils it is not the classroom that sets their imagination and passions on fire. As a result, we will offer a wide range of extra curricular activities especially sport, art, drama and music. We are passionate believers that the enthusiasm and confidence that pupils can gain from succeeding in these sorts of activities helps develop their character and then helps develop other related areas, and especially can help their academics.

Furthermore, the life long lessons the pupils learn by having this creative and varied approach to education help prepare them for higher education and the world of work. The determination needed to overcome adversity in sport and music, the grit required to practice hard time and time again, the teamwork required in order succeed in sport, drama and music, and the social skills needed to be part of that team, and finally learning the skills associated with winning and succeeding with humanity and losing with grace and honour, are all important skills for life and are values and characteristics we place a lot of emphasis upon.

In short we will not only prepare your child for a successful academic career, but also for a successful life; and equip them with the life skills of creativity to tackle life's future issues; humanity with which to deal with these issues; and the teamwork and determination to ultimately triumph over them.​