Teaching and Learning

In line with the Mission Statement and BISC Curriculum Policy, teaching and learning at BISC specifically aims to:

  • Offer a progressive and integrated curriculum, which is appropriate and relevant, whereby the students are actively engaged in the learning process through discussion, practical work, enquiry and investigation.
  • To set a level of challenge tailored to the capacity of each student that is stretched to achieve full potential.
  • To ensure the curriculum offers students the opportunity to enhance their understanding of the factors contributing to their positive physical and mental health and emotional and spiritual well-being.
  • Constantly striving to evaluate, compare and improve the education that BISC offers to its students.
  • Encourage and respect other cultures and beliefs and thereby cultivate the international character of the school so that it encourages a better global awareness.
  • Take full advantage of cross-cultural environment to enrich the educational experience.
  • To see and include all members of the BISC community in life-long learning and partnership in shaping the direction of BISC students.

What is the structure of the school day?

Each day children have five lessons of 60 minutes, with a morning and lunch break.

The day lasts from 8.00am until 4.00pm from Monday to Thursday and until 3.00pm on Friday, although the vast majority of children stay on until 5.00pm to take advantage of the varied and interesting after-school activities on offer. These include: swimming, tennis, football, karate, chess, dance and performance, arts and crafts as well as environmental club.