Quality Assurance Framework

At BISC we comply with both the national Ministry of Education and the international accreditation standards upheld by COBIS (Council of British International Schools). Other accreditations are in progress.

There is a systematic process for the collection, analysis and use of data for improvements and this is used to set specific, results-based, student learning goals. The school improves on a continuous basis, frequently making adjustments to better serve its students.

Learning outcomes are clearly communicated, these are carefully monitored. All practices, programs and policies are continually assessed to ensure they have a positive impact on learning. Equally, curricular modifications and enhancements are made following scrutiny of the most recent research, learning results and all assessments are specifically aligned with agreed learning outcomes.

Our staff are consistently recruited using criteria for leader and teacher quality, alignment with the school’s mission, vision and learning principles and fit with our positive school culture.