Pastoral Care

BISC prides itself on the quality of care that we offer our pupils. We believe that our children thrive in a happy, safe and nurturing environment and we promote a solid pastoral system that supports our pupils and we work together with parents to ensure that they have the opportunity to flourish.

Pastoral care at BISC is in place to support and nurture our pupils to enable them to lead fulfilling and balanced lives at school and beyond. We show our pupils how to take care of themselves and others and how to seek advice and support.

At BISC we have an underlying ethos of consideration and kindness and all of our staff have a role in supporting our pupils, and work collaboratively with our students to support personal and social development. Furthermore, some key figures of staff are the House leaders, tutors and medical staff, who have a significant role in supporting our pupils. Our children are fortunate to have a dedicated team striving to support every aspect of their time with us at school.