Our Missions & Values

'BISC will prepare the leaders of tomorrow by providing an outstanding International Education, which adopts both the Moroccan National Curriculum and the Cambridge International Curriculum.'

BISC provides a high standard, versatile program for quality academic learning in an international context, enabling us to foster links with Moroccan and multinational cultures, within a challenging but caring environment.

Our Values

  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Compassion
  • Tolerance

We are ambitious at BISC and want the best for our students and their families. As part of our curriculum, we integrate new approaches to build character and develop the individual. Our aims are:

  • To develop our curriculum, through review, reflection and cohesion, to ensure quality outcomes for students.
  • To focus upon pedagogy and practice to include continuous professional development, performance management and develop a professional learning community, to ensure high academic achievement for our students.
  • To ensure our students’ learning will be expanded and developed through the application of ICT resources and practice.
  • To ensure our students will be challenged in all areas, further developing reflection, confidence and abilities in the arts, through sports activities and other events in the school year.
  • To provide strong support and guidance through pastoral care practices and lead staff members.
  • To focus upon developing our school’s guiding statements to develop a vision for the future encompassing student learning.
  • To aspire to be an effective organisation with efficient and internationally compliant operational systems.