Canteen Menu

At BISC we take the health and well being of our pupils very seriously. Our menus are cooked by our own chefs after they have been nutritionally checked by experts in order to allow our pupils to perform at the highest levels.

Updated menu for the next few weeks:

There will be Salad and Fresh Veg available every lunch time, as well as a basic pasta dish for fussy eaters. 

Fruit and Yogurt are also available daily as a dessert.

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 Bisc plat mars 2

Lunch Menu :

Mon 5th March

MAIN - Homemade Pizza with Roast Veg and Potato Wedges

                                                   DESSERT -  Fruit/Yogurt

Tues 6th March

MAIN - Chicken Tagine

                                                   DESSERT - Chocolate Sponge Cake

Wed 7th March

MAIN - Fish Dish (Catch of the Day)

                                                    DESSERT - Fruit/Yogurt

Thur 8th March

MAIN - Chicken Lasagne with Veg

                                                    DESSERT - Apple Pie

Fri 9th March

MAIN - Cous Cous

                                                    DESSERT - Fruit/Yogurt

 Bisc plat mars 3

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Mon 12th March

MAIN - Meat Pasta Bake served with Greek Salad

                                                    DESSERT - Fruit/Yogurt

Tues 13th March

MAIN - Chicken Meatballs stuffed with Pecorino Cheese served with Rice and a Cream Sauce

                                                    DESSERT - Strawberry Tart

Weds 14th March

MAIN - Fish Dish (Catch of the Day)

                                                     DESSERT - Fruit/Yogurt

Thurs 15th March

MAIN - Tuna Pastry Puffs served with Broccoli, Peas and Carrots in a Cream and Parsley Sauce

                                                     DESSERT - Mille-Feuille 

Fri 16th March

MAIN - Cous Cous

                                                     DESSERT - Fruit/Yogurt


Mon 19th March

Main - Gratin Dauphinoise with Chicken 

                                                     DESSERT - Fruit/Yogurt

Tues 20th March

MAIN - Quiche with Ham (Halal)

                                                     DESSERT - Cupcake

Wed 21st March

MAIN - Fish Dish (Catch of the Day)

                                                     DESSERT - Fruit/Yogurt

Thurs 22nd March

MAIN - Homemade Beef Burger on a Brioche bun served with Salad

                                                     DESSERT - Profiteroles

Fri 23rd March

MAIN - CousCous

                                                     DESSERT - Fruit/Yogurt

 gabarit month 7Bisc plat mars 4 v2

Mon 26th March

MAIN - Puff Pastry Sausage Roll with Vegetables

                                                     DESSERT - Fruit/Yogurt

Tues 27th March

MAIN - Slow Roasted Lamb with Oven Roasted Potatoes

                                                      DESSERT - Chocolate Cornflake Pie

Wed 28th March

MAIN - Fish Dish (Catch of the Day)  

                                                     DESSERT - Fruit/Yogurt

Thurs 29th March

MAIN - Chicken and Mozzarella Bake

                                                     DESSERT - Vanilla Tart

Fri 30th March

MAIN - Cous Cous

                                                    DESSERT - Fruit/Yogurt