Deciding on a Cambridge school is a lot more than a simple linguistic choice: it means going into a highly professional education system based on the praiseworthy aspiration that every child should achieve all-round excellence, both inside and outside the classroom.
The quality of teaching and learning is at the heart of what we do. This means making it possible for all children to realise their potential. Our teacher training and continuous professional development ensures the highest teaching standards and the best outcomes.
In addition to the academic curriculum, our programme includes a variety of sporting, creative and musical activities held within the school day, which contribute to the personal development of all students.
Teachers aim to keep their lessons lively and varied, but more importantly, students speaking up and having their opinions heard is considered a major part of the educational process.
In our educational system, students are taught to learn by questioning, problem-solving and creative thinking rather than by the mere retention of facts, hence giving them analytical and creative thinking skills that they will need in the working world.