BISC House System

This is a supportive environment with a focus on pastoral care and positive discipline. Staff develop close working relationships with you and your child and are responsible for good communication between home and school.

Small class sizes allow all staff to get to know your child and ensure that every pupil is able to achieve their full potential. Every child at BISC becomes a member of one of the four houses and receives support and encouragement from other members of their team. Each pupil belongs to a house with siblings belonging to the same house.

Rewards are collected for the house merit award, which is presented at assemblies. There are many other opportunities to represent your house, both in sporting and non-sporting events.

Pivotal to the pastoral care programme is the role of the tutors, who have daily contact with students. They help with pupils’ personal daily organisation, deal with any concerns that may arise and monitor the academic and social progress of all children in school.

Staff maintains close contact with parents through informal conversations and emails; this means that problems can be quickly and effectively resolved.

The school has a calm and purposeful atmosphere. This is not least due to our policy of using positive discipline, where boys and girls are encouraged to see the importance and consequences of their actions and gain a sense of responsibility by making the right choices.

Examples of good work and behaviour are rewarded frequently through such schemes in nursery as 'stars in the jar', the 'wow board', learning journey’s and 'excellence book'.

As a school, we encourage older students to look after younger ones through our ‘buddy’ system, where some Grade 6 pupils are given the responsibility of looking after Grade 3 pupils during break and lunch times.

Our prefects assist tutors by working with younger pupils in nursery and primary schools at specific times. This enables them to get to know the younger pupils and help foster a sense of cohesion between the different year groups in school.

BISC is divided into four houses:

  • Rowling
  • Shakespeare
  • Bronte
  • Dahl