Primary School

In order to best suit our students at BISC, education specialists have devised a curriculum that is unique. We are proud to say that no other school in the country has a curriculum quite like ours. BISC adopts a programme that is specifically tailored for our pupils, encompassing core and enrichment subjects taught in English by UK trained and qualified teachers; Arabic and French classes, as well as some elements Islamic education.

At EYFS Level – Grade 1/KS1, our children have a broad, varied and experienced curriculum, enriched with sports and arts delivered by specialist teachers, alongside language instruction in the following three languages:

  • English
  • Arabic
  • French

Centered around creativity and investigative learning, we provide a solid foundation in more formal methods.

At BISC we place an emphasis on developing the whole child, which we believe leads to confident, friendly and well-mannered children, who appreciate their own and others’ talents in many different areas of the curriculum. With specifically designed schemes of work that are engaging, challenging and rigorous, our children have the best possible chance for success and we create an excitement for school and nurture a love of learning.