Language Centre

The Language Centre is a place for children, adults and teens to learn English. Our courses take place in British International School Casablanca, in custom built classrooms to enhance the learning experience. Our expert teaching team build students’ confidence and help them achieve their goals in English.

Children and teenagers study Cambridge approved courses in order to prepare them to enter an English language school system. They will do this by studying topics and subjects in English which are relevant for school education, as well as practising skills which they will use in studying subjects in English.

Adults can study a range of courses aimed at increasing language proficiency, boosting confidence and allowing learners to achieve their goals in English, whether it be to boost their job prospects, gain a certificate or communicate better with friends.

Courses include:

  • General English
  • Business English
  • Reducing your accent
  • Speak Better
  • Write Better
  • Exam preparation