Secondary School

With our professional and highly trained staff, personality, learning styles and the individual needs of our children are taken into consideration, with differentiated work in each classroom, resulting in exceptional progress for all.

Our curriculum is regularly assessed by experts from the UK as part of our accreditation criteria with COBIS and Cambridge University. Our pupils are placed in mixed ability classes, but through various assessment methods, individual needs are met, alongside our curriculum that is specifically tailored for this.

At KS2, our pupils are exposed to a wide and far reaching curriculum, including core subjects, as well as a variety of enrichment programmes, such as

  • Art
  • Drama
  • Music
  • History
  • Georgraphy
  • History of Morocco
  • Islamic Studies
  • Arabic
  • French

In addition to our classroom curriculum, children are encouraged to read regularly in school and at home, and books are sent home for parents and children to enjoy together in a variety of languages, reinforcing our trilingual programme.