Fee Structure

BIC school fees structure 2018 2019 v2

 PDF version: School-fees-structure-2018-2019.pdf

Explanatory note on fees.

Our tuition fees have been carefully worked out to ensure value for money. They are higher than most primarily because we have employed UK teachers and we have outstanding facilities.
We are seeking to be the premier educational establishment in Morocco, and as such it is only appropriate that we employ the best UK teachers with the relevant experience and high standards.
Equally our pupils deserve the best opportunities in life, which is why we have a three floor library, a double sports hall, a soccer stadium, a state of the art swimming pool, a fitness gym, a space for gymnastics, dance and masses of other sports. Furthermore, we have specialist art rooms, drama rooms and music recording studios and other music rooms that have been soundproofed, not to mention an outdoor amphitheatre, a modern indoor theatre, 4 ICT rooms and interactive screens in each classroom. Additionally, most of the Extra Curricular Clubs we offer (3:45pm to 4:30pm) are free.